Let’s do some more numbers

Just got back the juice panel analysis of the cabernet sauvignon we picked last Saturday:

brix 24.1 degrees
glucose + fructose 25.5 g/100mL
pH 3.57
titratable acidity 0.54 g/100mL
tartaric acid 3.71 g/L
L-malic acid 3.06 g/L
potassium 1760 mg/L
alpha-amino compounds 76 mg/L
ammonia 65 mg/L
yeast assimilable nitrogen 130 mg/L (as N)

Considering other Eastern Washington fruit we’ve picked over the years, that acidity is about as perfect as you can get, and that pH is positively robust. Good structure, good health. The only minor worry is the last number, but we can easily add nutrients to the must to compensate.

All in all, pretty perfect numbers! Now all we have to do is not screw it up!

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