Franc rises from the dead

Last Wednesday night, I finally had a chance to rack the Franc and add both some sulfite and some acid in an attempt to resuscitate our young friend. My targets were about 50ppm free SO2, and dropping the pH by a tenth.

On Saturday night, Garagiste James was by, so we tried it for the first time since I’d racked it. I’m happy to report it’s definitely better — more alive, better fragrance, crisp, delicious fruit. That said, it’s still a little closed, which isn’t surprising considering it was bludgeoned with SO2 only days ago.

My plan is to re-taste it mid-week to see if it’s any better after a week of recuperation. If not, we may need to push blending trials back. More soon.

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  1. Ziraud August 7th, 2008 8:51 am

    fyi, tasted again Wednesday night, and the critter seems alive enough for blending. Restrained nose (but not without some fragrance), full and fruity in the mouth. A little zing, too, helps define the fruit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we elect to up the acid even a bit more.

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