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That’s Vegas, Baby

Aureole wine towerJust got back from NAB in Las Vegas, where even a glass of Three-Buck Chuck rings in at double digits. That makes it tough to soak up a lot of wine in Vegas, but since everything else is stratospheric (like the $23 Kobe beef burger I had the first night), the price per glass simply disappeared into the overall din. Funny how quickly $12 vodka martinis can become prudent, cost-effective investments.

Or maybe not. In fact, I dimly recall that it was after our second round of these a little before 4 in the morning that we decided we couldn’t leave Las Vegas without paying our respects at one of the seven wonders of the wine world, the glass tower of wine at Aureole. After all, think how expensive it would be to fly back later just to go to this restaurant — why, only a fool would do that. No, we were way too smart. We’d go there immediately, saving buckets of cash.

Another example of the delusional logic Vegas is famous for inspiring? You bet. But this time, the gamble paid off … Read more

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Dandelion Wine

A dandelionFirst attempt failed because soaking the flowers at room temperature for more than a week makes the liquor go off. Second batch soaked in the fridge. Ferment has begun. It smells a little like artichoke. In case you were wondering, dandelion wine is a flavored sugar ferment with some added lemon juice. I presume the latter is for acidity. I have not make it before, or even tasted some, but it seems like it could end up tasting like a thin gewurztraminer.

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Switching to beer

I have just now gotten around to seeing Mondovino, and I’m livid. This is not a political site, but if any of my fellow Garagistes ever suggests a joint venture with the Mondavis, I will personally blow up this blog.Also: is it a cheap shot to point out that you can’t spell ‘James Suckling’ without ‘suck’?

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