SB: Topping

6:30 pm-7:30 pm

Side bet share wine maintenance:
We’ll check all our wines to make sure each is topped up to minimize oxygen contact.

  • Need 2 people total (including Matt)
  • Assume about an hour
  • Bring rubber boots and clothing you can get a little winey

Note: if you’re splitting shares with someone else, please sign up as 1 even if both of you are going to come. And if that’s the case (more than one of you will attend), please note that in the comments below.

Who's signed up so far:

This event is fully booked.

  • Matt Giraud
  • Kate Bryant

COVID-19 NOTE: Vaccinated or not, if you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sudden loss of sense of smell, PLEASE STAY HOME.

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