Test it out Event

4:00 pm-4:15 pm

This is a sample, test event to show you how this new-fangled system works. Go ahead, sign up: what could go wrong…?

Who's signed up so far:

Bookings are closed for this event.

  • Holly Hoch
  • Michael Corrigan
  • Bram Wessel
  • Whit Draper
  • Jeremy Appleton
  • Roger Smith
  • David Bleckmann
  • Dina Kempler
  • George Wehn
  • Chris Hallstrom
  • Corrina Patzer
  • Aurélien Fiardet
  • David Ayer
  • Vicky Talmadge
  • Matt Giraud
  • Jason Wright
  • Mark Springgate
  • Laurent Stievenard
  • Renee Ketel
  • Mark Verna
  • Susan Schin
  • Lia Perrigo

COVID-19 NOTE: Vaccinated or not, if you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sudden loss of sense of smell, PLEASE STAY HOME.

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