2013 Peugeot

Consensus: Drinking at what we think is its prime.
Les Garagistes Peugeot Bourdeaux-style blend
    Elephant Mountain Vineyard
  • ALCOHOL: 14.1%
  • Real Bordeaux character to this wine, probably due to the Cab Sauv dominating it (and its bell pepper). Full, good balance, length. Not hugely ripe, but that’s balanced by lots of character. Drink now.
  • For once, I think the Cab Sauv dominates this wine, and in a good way. Very Cab in the nose, with its characteristic bell pepper. A little brooding, it kinds of wraps itself around you like a soft blanket. It's really excellent - the most majestic Peugeot we've ever made, to me anyway. 3.67pH. Just starting to drink well, but I think it'll really hit its stride later this year, or in 2017.
  • More focused in the nose than the 2012. Delightful prune and dark fruit in the mouth, nice weight and focus, good if not spectacular finish. Overall, more balanced than the 2012, but there’s still something unfinished about it. I think it’ll ultimately be a better wine than the 2012, but not right now.