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07 Peugeot sighting

Just for the heck of it, way too early, I opened an ’07 Peugeot tonight.

A little closed in the nose, but already some Cab Franc joi de vivremach zehnder modulator wafting out. Almost a hint of mint or high-toned grass – maybe the cabernet mumbling in the background? In the mouth, still very unsophisticated, eager to please but without a the language to back it up. Again, the Franc is the melody, and as a wine that peaks in youth, it’s already warming up and playing. It’s a reverse Mullet with class: party in the front, business in the back.

So for now, it’s Franc Plus, though with air, the merlot is already beginning to weave some resonant bass into the background. A lot better than I expected. Sure, it’d be nice to taste the entire concert now, but the Franc has chops, so I’m happy to hear it riff.

My guess is that as the Franc gets a little gray at the temples and embraces wisdom over exuberance, it’ll slow its pace as the other two grapes (Cab and Merlot) pick up theirs. Try it again in early spring ’10. Anyone else?

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