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Days of Vino Passed

Foul cake half composted and stinkin' up the back yard
Foul fest’ring cake that rules the night,
Removes the grape skins from our site,
It stinks so bad it might ignite,
So we decide that it is shite.
And the vintage’s conclusion?

[ apologies to the Moody Blues ]

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08 Syrah and port slip into bottle

2008 Les Garagistes Syrah gurgles joyously into the bottlerSomehow amidst the frenzy of crush, we managed to bottle last year’s Syrah and Port. Actually, “managed” isn’t quite the right word; “had to or else” is closer to the truth. I’d been thinking we’d try aging both wines for another few months, but we simply needed to free up some space for the 2009s heading pell mell toward the end of fermentation all around us.

Luckily, we had enough people to make it go smoothly, and for our trouble, walked away with a surprisingly luscious Syrah — pure and rich but rewardingly complex. I’d think this one will unclench from its traumatic journey into bottle sometime around the new year, but that said, I won’t do any significant dipping into my stash until late spring at the earliest.

More pics and a bit on the port after the jump…
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