Who the…?

As land prices rise throughout the famous wine-growing regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, a winemaking revolution is producing top-flight wines in garages and basements – wherever grapes will ferment. Do you need a chateau and a staff of HUNDREDS to make fine wine?

Since 1994, these “Garagistes” have said “non!”

Here in Paris-on-the-Willamette Portland, Oregon, this seat-of-your-pantalons revolution continues. A cabal of former wine writers, musicians, doctors, public servants and other ne’er do wells, les Garagistes make wine in a secret underground location in Southeast Portland, away from the prying eyes of a thirsty public.

Sourcing fruit from the Rattlesnake Hills in Washington and the Dundee Hills in Oregon, les Garagistes produce about 80 cases a year of nine varietals and three proprietary blends – Labourier, Peugeot, and Lambretta – after other tasty vehicles found in Frenchy garages.

Sad to say, this wine is not for sale.

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