Balsamic Vinegar

I have begun experimenting. I know it’s wrong, I just can’t help it. Was it you, James, who was talking about B V? Just twelve short years in a succession of casks made of various woods. (I’ll have to use wood chips.) Now, some of you out there may be in a position to enable me. I believe B V is unfiltered and has cells of the authentic micro-organisms in every bottle. If anyone out there has a little, a teaspoon full, of B V that they could donate to the vat to help innoculate, I would be grateful. The formula is start with white grapes, boil down the juice to about half of the volume, dose it and put it in a cask in the attic. It might work.

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  1. Ziraud June 7th, 2007 11:27 pm

    I believe I may even have some mother left over from a gift someone gave me a few years back. I’ll check it out, and I’ll be hummin’

    Got to go to a disco
    Throw your troubles away
    Dance to the music
    That the DJ’s play
    And then the light come on
    Like you knew they would
    Go home and face the music
    that don’t sound too good

    Lord, its a real mother for ya (yeah)
    make you wanna run for cover
    And if you look you will discover (yeah)
    Lord, its a real mother for ya yeah.

    Good god, mama.

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