Merlot at 24 brix: Crush Wednesday?

The word just in from our grower: the merlot’s looking pretty close. At 24 brix and 3.38 ph, the numbers are looking very nice, but we’ll let them hang for a few more days to soak up a little more autumnal sun. This year, we’re experimenting with reducing the yields on the Merlot and Cab Sauv – to see if we can get more flavor and depth – so I’m looking forward to tasting the fruit.

He also reports that the Franc is at 23.5 / 3.25, so that has a little ways go to. If we head east to pick the Merlot on Wednesday, we’ll test the Franc and if it’s up a brix or so, we may get that, too. But it also looks from that pH that we could let that hang until next weekend to safely get a little more oomph without sacrificing backbone. We’ll taste and test when we’re out there.

And so it begins!

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