What’s the coating on a ratchet press?

The bed or base of our wine pressAnyone have any idea what kind of coating is used on the bed of a basic ratchet wine press?

We have a #45 (25 gallon) ratchet-driven wine press, and it’s seen it all, from sublime Klipsun Cabernet to sickening Danielle Steele Pinot Noir (the latter an early winemaking adventure best left to a future post). And it shows. The bed (on which the basket holding the fruit is set) is chipped and scratched, so deeply that we’re starting to get rust — not usually the flavor we’re looking to add to a tasty wine, and certainly not the tint we want fresh out of the fermenter.

So is this a re-enameling thing? Or some kind of paint (presumably food-grade)? Or something else space age (and hopefully, vaguely earth-friendly)?

Any information or advice would be appreciated in the comments! (full pics below the fold)

The bed or base of our wine press
The bed of our ratchet press circa 2007 vintage. A little the worse for wear, to be sure

A new ratchet press
A brand spanking new press. Note there are two kinds of coating on the steel base: one on the legs and underside of the base, and another on the bed (where the basket is placed). I have no idea if these are different kinds or simply different colors, however. In our case, the base and legs are green while the bed is off-white.

I’m sure the stuff on the legs and underside of the base is paint of some kind, but what’s the bed? Seems like it should be enamel, or perhaps porcelain, but if you know, let me know!

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  1. Ziraud November 15th, 2007 9:53 am

    A winemaker friend suggests “O’Sullivans”, an epoxy-based paint. Anyone ever heard of it?

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