Topping Up

Mike and I got together for a brief survey of all the barrels and carboys, with the objective of topping up where necessary so as little oxygen as possible compromises our lovely friends.

We found the three 2006 Peugeot barrels each about a bottle down, so we topped them with some of the wine we set aside in 2005 as an experimental blend (same blend as the regular 2005, but with the Merlot and Franc totals flopped).

All the other barrels were down as well (which, by the way, is normal), but by not as much. We topped grape with grape, but at least for the Merlot, the amount was small enough (and the hassle of breaking up a carboy was great enough), we topped with a bit of Franc. In general, our strategy is to keep the grapes pristine, but the small amount we make often forces our hand. The additions were small enough not to present too much of a compromise, however.

One last note: Mike had a great idea of putting a certain amount of each wine into capped beer bottles for the expressed purpose of topping. That would mean it would be easier to top grape with grape without pulling from carboys (which would then need to be broken into smaller containers to minimize oxygen contact).

Anyone have a bottle capper?

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