First 2008 into bottle

The new label series, this one for the FrancLast Saturday night, we successfully coaxed all the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc (that didn’t go into the Peugeot, that is) into bottle. We had a photographer from the Oregonian’s Mix Magazine along for the ride, so I didn’t think to take many pics (sorry), but we had our hands full anyway: about 50 cases of lovely Garagistes to fill, cork, label and sort into shares. A bit of a long night (switching between wines always slows things down), but the awesome feast just after made it all worthwhile.

Beth, the friendly shooter for Mix Magazine, zeros in on the mauretteWhit grilled chicken, and James prepared “oeufs au meurette.” On a bed of spinach, he toasted slices of baguette and laid a poached egg on each, and then poured a “meurette” sauce he created from veal stock and a reduction of Garagistes wine. Whit also pulled a rare 03 Garagistes (Klipsun Merlot with a spash of Cab) to the delight of all.

The finished dish: every toast paired with a poached egg and a blanket of meurette
The chef with his finished dish: every toast paired with a poached egg, nestled under a blanket of meurette. Wow.

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