The Neighbors Are Watching

It doesn’t have much to do with wine, I’ll admit (though some was consumed over the course of production, natch), but this is my latest project. It’s a trailer for Debra Ginsberg’s new novel, “The Neighbors Are Watching,” from Crown Publishing. Shot on location in Del Mar, California, on a street eerily like the fictionalized one in the book. Debra’s “stunt cake” was fallen upon and consumed by the crew almost immediately after the window shot wrapped.

A quick synopsis:

Set against the backdrop of the deadly 2007 wildfires that forced the evacuation of half a million San Diego residents, Debra Ginsberg’s new novel, The Neighbors Are Watching, examines the dark side of suburbia—a place where everyone has something to hide.

I had a chance to read it before developing the script, and I think it’s some of the best work she’s ever done. It’s the work of a talented writer totally at ease with her craft, bringing complex characters to life with riveting effortlessness. Totally worth a read.

Pre-orders are happening now, so don’t wait too long to get your order in — at Powell’s, Amazon, or your favorite independent bookseller. To learn more about Debra and her great catalog of work, visit her site.

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