Getting away with it

Mike preps for crushing the Franc in the rain
Okay, it’s probably bad luck, but I have to say it: as the rain came sweeping into SE Portland yesterday afternoon, I felt the roguish elation that only comes when you feel you’ve gotten away with something. That’s because, as storm clouds gathered, I’d spent yesterday dismantling the rain cover we rigged to shelter the Cab Franc crush (above), wiping down the side of the house, hauling to compost all the grape detritus we’ve produced so far, and returning the truck and cycling home. Only then did it start to rain.

Ha, ha, ye Gods! I laugh at you! Les Garagistes has thwarted you aga {ker-POWWWW n-ZZATZ!! bliNDING FLAsh!!!}

{a whiff of barbecue; breeze wafting through a smoldering crater … }


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  1. Marty Smith October 24th, 2010 8:34 pm

    Shouldn’t it be “LE Blog (des Garagistes),” not “LES Blog?”

    -Mister Helpful

  2. Ziraud October 24th, 2010 9:30 pm

    Well, yes!

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